Afraid to Sell Your Fixer-Upper?

Afraid to Sell Your Fixer-Upper

Are you afraid to sell your fixer-upper? Are you hoping to avoid costly repairs or want to get rid of an unwanted property? Here are three tips to help.

  1. Avoid an agent and contact a local cash buyer like us, 555 Equity, LLC
  2. Get a personalized cash offer that lets you avoid costly repairs
  3. Enjoy peace of mind after we close at a reputable, local title company.

Avoid an Agent

Skip the hassles of working with an agent through a regular real estate transaction. Selling on the open market is a negotiation supervised by real estate agents. They get their cut no matter what price you sell for. This also doesn’t eliminate the risk of what the buyer will ask for to meet your price. We can make a cash offer on your property, and you never worry about closing costs or fees like you do with an agent.

Personalized Cash Offer

Part of typical real estate transactions is an endless parade of inspections. Appraisers, inspectors, and potential buyers all want to take a peek. Contact us if you don’t need the pressure of making your home viewing ready. Instead, we can take one look at your property and tell you if it meets our buying criteria. Best of all, most properties do!

Easy Closing

You would think that closing would be easy after all is said and done in a typical real estate purchase. Wrong. Agent-based sales are endlessly delayed for any number of small reasons. You also get a closing date of their convenience, not yours. When you sell to an as-is cash buyer like us, we close on the date of your choice. That’s because we use a reputable, local title company. As a result, we can often go from offer to closing in seven days (assuming there are no issues with your title).

Don’t be afraid to sell your fixer-upper. Skip the headaches of an agent-based sale and contact a reputable cash buyer like us. We’re 555 Equity, LLC, and we love helping people avoid the hassles of selling their property.

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