Bad to The Bone – Escape Bad Tenants

Bad to The Bone - Escape Bad Tenants

Do you want to escape bad tenants? If you are tired of facing the same hassles collecting rent every month, 555 Equity, LLC has a way out. Escape bad tenants with an as-is cash offer for your rental property. Have you had enough of dealing with,

  • Late rental payments
  • Unauthorized roommates
  • Being bad neighbors

Then contact our experts and leave the landlord business with cash in hand.

Late Rental Payments

Occasionally being late paying a bill is natural, but chronically late rent is a hassle. So skip the uncertainty of unreliable tenant rent payments when you sell to us. You don’t even need an agent. Our buying process is simple and the shortest distance between you and relief from bad tenants.

Unauthorized Roommates

Finding your rental full of people who aren’t on the lease can expose many liabilities. Property damage and illegal activity are only some of the issues that can appear. So skip the headaches of unauthorized roommates and sell your rental property to us. You can even skip the appraisal and inspections. 

Being Bad Neighbors

Sometimes people don’t mix well for no reason whatsoever. If an unruly tenant is making your multifamily rental hell on earth, it’s time to make a significant change. Sell your rental property to us and leave the landlord business far behind. Does your aging rental property need repairs beyond normal wear and tear? Don’t worry. We love a project and never shy away from a fixer-upper. We can make your life easier sooner than you think.

Escape bad tenants when you sell us your rental property. Skip the agent. We can make an as-is cash offer before most other guys schedule their first appraisal. Our experts at 555 Equity, LLC are your solution to leaving the landlord business behind.

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