Costly Rental Property Repairs

Costly Rental Property Repairs

Will costly rental property repairs help you decide to leave the landlord lifestyle behind? Has the age of your rental property combined with tenant wear and tear created these problems?

  • Major Plumbing Issues
  • Unreported Roof Leaks
  • Foundation Problems

You don’t have to make major repairs to make your rental property an attractive purchase for 555 Equity, LLC. Our experts can create an as-is cash offer for your property today!

Major Plumbing Issues

It’s easy to imagine landlords receiving calls to unclog a toilet or replace a leaky faucet. However, some major plumbing issues can be hard to spot. Does your rental property have a troublesome toilet, or has the main sewer line collapsed? Is there a water pressure problem, or is your plumbing infested with tree roots? There’s almost no end to a rental property’s major plumbing issues. 555 Equity, LLC can be your escape.

Unreported Roof Leaks

Some roof issues are easy to spot, like leaks during heavy rain. But other issues, like hail damage, can cause leaks that don’t drip into living areas. Unreported roof leaks can cause significant damage over time, requiring whole roof replacement costing tens of thousands of dollars. Costs can remain high even after your insurance company gets involved. As-is selling sounds sweet after getting a twenty-thousand dollar estimate for roof replacement. Let us show you how selling to us is your way out.

Foundation Problems

Whether a result of natural settling or plumbing issues, cracks can develop in a foundation over time. Even the most diligent tenants or local managers can miss a foundation shift until things get out of control. It’s not only slab foundations – simple pier and beam foundations need adjustment from time to time. Avoid the hassle of foundation repairs with our as-is cash offer for your rental property. Sell us your property and buy back your peace of mind.

Costly rental property repairs can rob you of the glamor and profitability of being a landlord faster than you think. So let us show you an easy off ramp that puts cash in your pocket. Contact us today!

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