Get Cash from a Trashed House

Get Cash from a Trashed House

Do you need to get cash from a trashed house? Here are three things you can do to turn a trashed house into a cash house.

  1. Contact a local cash home buyer like 555 Equity LLC.
  2. Get a fair, cash offer without having to do any repairs
  3. Our team clears it out after we close at a local, reputable title company.

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Whether you’ve inherited a trashed property or your last renter was a nightmare, you don’t have to be stuck with a trashed property. So skip the repairs, painting, and overdue lawn care and contact a local cash buyer, like us at 555 Equity, LLC. Our experts can always find the jewel in the rough where most people see an eyesore. So the first step to dumping a trashed property is to contact us.

Get a Fair, Cash Offer

We love a project. Once you contact a local cash buyer like us, we’ll take a look at your property and make a fair cash offer. Your offer takes the pressure off of you to make costly repairs that are a must for agent-based realty. So skip the repairs, inspections, appraisals, and fees when you sell to a cash buyer like us.

Close at a Local, Reputable Title Company

Once you accept our offer, we will close at a local, reputable title company, and that’s it. What could be easier? Don’t worry about making repairs and get rid of your trashed property to a local cash buyer like us, 555 Equity, LLC. Nothing gives peace of mind like leaving your problems behind you.

Get cash from a trashed house in three easy steps, starting with contacting a local cash buyer like 555 Equity, LLC. Then, we can show you a better way to escape the hassles of repairs and leave with money in your pocket. Contact us today!

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