Have You Inherited an Unwanted Property?

Inherited an Unwanted Property

Sometimes the best intentions have unforeseen consequences. If you have inherited an unwanted property, here are three things you can do to lighten your load.

  1. Take Control
  2. Research the Rental Market
  3. Contact a Local Cash Buyer like us, 555 Equity, LLC

Take Control

There’s more to do than celebrate once you find out you’ve inherited property. First, you must ensure you take the required steps to secure the will or trust documents and then transfer a deed. Sticky situations like a missing will, multiple claimants, government or federal tax liens, and other issues must be cleared to get the deed.

Research the Rental Market

It’s worth researching the rental market where the property is located if you don’t intend on living there. So examine things like local schools, stores, and restaurants. Is the neighborhood walkable, or does it have easy highway access to major employers? What about crime statistics, vacant lots, or other quality of life issues? Finally, consider the cost of any repairs you need to complete to make your inherited property rentable.

Contact a Local Cash Buyer like 555 Equity, LLC

If you have no interest in becoming a landlord/maintenance worker, consider contacting a local cash buyer like us, 555 Equity, LLC. This way, you can skip the hassles of rental market research, making costly repairs, and starting a second full-time job being a landlord. Our experts at 555 Equity, LLC can make you an as-is cash offer for your inherited property and close faster than using an agent. 

If you have inherited an unwanted property, you have options regarding what to do with it. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor and a landlord’s lifestyle of endless repairs, or you can sell to an as-is cash buyer like us, 555 Equity, LLC. Hassle-free selling is our specialty.

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