Landlord Retirement Options

Landlord Retirement Options

When you see less road ahead than behind, it’s time to start thinking about landlord retirement options so you can be free to enjoy every aspect of your life. For example, maybe you’re 55 or older, want to spend time with the grandkids, or want to see the world? Here are three options for leaving rental properties behind profitably.

  • Transfer your property as a charitable donation
  • Find a company to engage in a master lease agreement, like 555 Equity, LLC
  • Sell your properties to a company that rehabs homes to build communities, like 555 Equity, LLC.

Charitable Donation

Transferring property as a charitable donation usually happens in a will. But if you want to experience the joy of seeing someone benefit from the donation, you’ll have to act sooner than later. Transferring deeds in Texas is straightforward but using a real estate attorney is safer than going it alone. So honor your alma mater, church, or favorite charity and leave the landlord headaches behind simultaneously. You’ll feel good about it and may enjoy a sizable tax deduction depending on your circumstances.

Master Lease Agreement

If you are ready to leave the headaches behind but want to keep your cash flow, consider signing a master lease agreement with a company like 555 Equity, LLC. Here, you get a nice lump sum up front and a steady cash flow for your property. In addition, although 555 Equity, LLC, becomes the landowner, you become the primary lien holder. That means you get the money without dealing with landlord headaches like making repairs, screening tenants, rent collections, or evictions.

Selling Your Properties

Real estate markets are predictably unpredictable, but if you find the winds in your favor or want to be rid of unwanted property, you can sell your properties outright. You can roll the dice in the traditional markets filled with fees, appraisals, and inspections or sell to a company like 555 Equity, LLC, that will make a cash offer on your home. So skip the inspections and repairs. If your home meets their criteria, you can close at a local reputable title company and have cash in hand faster than you think. So whether you have one or many properties, 555 Equity, LLC can make an offer you can be proud of so you can go live the life you want.

Your landlord retirement options are better than you think. Whether you make a charitable donation, sign a master lease agreement, or sell all your rental properties, 555 Equity, LLC can help you make the escape you’ve been searching for. Contact us today!

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