Leave Your Property, Not Your Profit

Leave Your Property Not Your Profit

Have you been in the landlord business long enough? Are you ready to spend more time doing what you love, like traveling or time with the grandkids? Leave your property, not your profit, with a master lease agreement in three easy steps.

  • Find a company willing to sign a master lease agreement, like 555 Equity, LLC
  • Leave repairs, tenant interactions, and landlord headaches behind
  • Leave your property, not your profit

Master Lease Agreement

You don’t have to be a real estate tycoon to benefit from a master lease agreement. So whether you’re tired of being a landlord or not getting the buyer nibbles you thought you would, 555 Equity, LLC can help. In a master lease agreement, a company like 555 Equity, LLC gives you a down payment on your property and a monthly payment to keep your cash flow going. So you can walk away with cash in your pocket and a monthly income. 

Leave Landlord Headaches Behind

A master lease agreement is perfect for mom & pop rental property interests. It doesn’t matter if it’s single or multifamily, one unit or an entire development. A master lease agreement frees you from making repairs, collecting rents, screening new tenants, and handling evictions. Instead, all you have to do is sit back and collect your monthly check.

Leave Your Property, Not Your Profit

A master lease agreement is similar to the arrangements of a common mortgage. Traditionally, the buyer becomes the homeowner, and the lender becomes the primary lien holder. The same is true here, where 555 Equity, LLC, becomes the property owner, and you become the primary lien holder. Like a traditional mortgage, the primary lien holder always gets their money.

When you’re ready to start living, leave your property, not your profit, with a master lease agreement with 555 Equity, LLC. Free yourself from landlord headaches but keep your cash flow intact.

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