Manage Your Rental Property Without a Property Manager

Manage Your Rental Property Without a Property Manager

Many tools are available if you want to manage your rental property without a property manager. Best of all, there’s also a profitable option when you want to stop living the landlord lifestyle. Here are three things you can do to manage your rental property without a property manager.

  1. Use Tools like and to automate rent collection, maintenance requests, applications, and more.
  2. Make the property a Smart Home by adding Smart Keypads, Exterior Security Cameras, and Smart Thermostats, especially when managing Short Term or Mid Term Rentals in your portfolio.
  3. If you’re tired of being a landlord, call us, 555 Equity, LLC. We’ll make a no-hassle cash offer to take it off your hands.

Automate Common Landlord Tasks

Regardless of your rental market, every landlord has to handle the same tasks to be successful. Rent collection, maintenance requests, accepting applications, and screening tenants are part of the game but also key sources of landlord headaches. Luckily, sites like and automate every step of the process, freeing up your valuable time. So if you’re tired of screening tenants and making rent collections, it’s time to automate.

Smart Homes

Certain rentals demand extra attention that protects the renter and the landlord. If you have short- or mid-term rentals in your portfolio, you can benefit from making your rentals Smart homes. Additions like Smart thermostats, keypads, and exterior security cameras with mobile apps help you take better care of your rental property. Nobody likes unwelcome surprises, so take advantage of Smart home technology’s edge.

No-Hassle Cash Offer

Of course, the surest way of avoiding a property manager is getting a no-hassle cash offer from us, 555 Equity, LLC. When you sell to us, you skip the appraisals and inspections you typically find in agent-driven real estate sales. Instead, once you agree to sell to us, we take a quick look at your property and make a no-hassle cash offer. Then we close at a local, reputable title company. It’s that simple!

There is plenty of technology to help you manage your rental property without a property manager, but the most hassle-free and profitable is selling to a reputable buyer like us, 555 Equity, LLC. We love helping landlords make their life easier. Contact us today!

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