Rental Property Repair Headaches

Rental Property Repair Headaches

Landlords know some repairs come with the territory. But if your rental property repair headaches are getting out of control, 555 Equity LLC is your ticket to a quick as-is cash offer. Are you tired of dealing with,

  • Costly water leaks
  • Recurring HVAC issues
  • Constant Drywall Replacement

Costly Water Leaks

Everyone expects to fix a toilet or replace a garbage disposal, but sometimes the unexpected happens. Unfortunately, costly water leaks are more common in Texas than you think. Shifting foundations, frozen pipes, and degradation of older plumbing can occur anytime. If your rental property is looking at a severe repair bill from a water leak, we can help. Let our experts at 555 Equity LLC give you an as-is cash offer for your rental property. 

Recurring HVAC Issues

It gets pretty hot in Texas, sometimes earlier than expected. Since going without air conditioning in Texas is unthinkable, your aging HVAC system can stack up costly bills in no time. So skip the panic another tenant call creates about the air conditioning and give us a call. Don’t miss out on your payday because you think your property is too much of a fixer-upper. We can help.

Constant Drywall Replacement

Accidents happen, and so do angry tenants. Whether your last tenant loved hanging heavy pictures or disagreed with the terms of your separation, drywall damage is common among rentals. If you’ve had enough of replacing entire rooms of drywall because of accidental or intentional damage, this is your opportunity to leave it all behind. We love a project, so don’t let your long repair list discourage you from giving us a call. We can make an as-is cash offer for your rental property today!

Our experts at 555 Equity LLC are the relief you need from your rental property repair headaches. So give us a call today and escape the landlord rat race today!

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