Selling to Us – How it Works

Selling to Us

Selling to us is the easiest way to find relief from landlord headaches and put cash in your pocket. The steps are simple.

  • Tell us about your property.
  • If it meets our criteria, we’ll set up an appointment.
  • We’ll present you with a no-obligation cash offer.
  • We close at a local, reputable title company.

Tell Us About It

One of the early barriers to finding relief is misunderstanding what properties are sellable. Do you have troublesome tenants? Tell us about it. Does your property need a few repairs? Tell us about it. Our experts at 555 Equity LLC want to hear about your rental property no matter your troubles. So don’t be surprised when we want to make an appointment.

Let’s Meet

Seeing is believing. We want to see your property and meet you to chat about your rental property. Unlike national or online realtors, we act locally. Acting locally means working quickly, so no waiting weeks on an appraiser. 555 Equity LLC is the shortest path to leaving the landlord’s life with cash in your pocket.

No-Obligation Cash Offer

We want to solve your rental property problems by reinvesting in neighborhoods. At 555 Equity LLC, we believe neighborhoods are the backbone of our society. We love investing locally, and investing doesn’t always mean flipping but making affordable housing available to local families.

Closing Time

There are too many horror stories of local landlords accepting an offer from a national or online realtor, only to have the deal fall through at the last second. Either buying offers are lowered after an “inspection” or dropped for no reason whatsoever. Our cash offer is guaranteed, and once you accept, we close at a local, reputable title company. It’s that simple.

When you are ready to leave the headaches of the landlord lifestyle behind for whatever reason, we can help. Selling to us is easy. Let us show you how 555 Equity, LLC is the solution you need today!

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