The overall offering from 555 Equity LLC is HOUSING. Whether we are renting out for long term, short term, mid term or developing houses, it all comes down to providing housing for the market.


How can 555 Equity LLC help you?

Are you facing foreclosure, too many repairs, inherited a property you do not want and can’t afford? We have solutions to help you! Also, when we buy your property directly from you, we buy as-is. You walk away without having to do any repairs. We’ll even clean out the property for you. It’s that easy and convenient. 

Investors, join our Buyer’s List for EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to single-family and multifamily real estate deals, before we share them with the general public. To learn more, fill out our form and we’ll start sending you EXCLUSIVE DEALS!  


Want to participate in our real estate investment program? We’ll just need some information from you, and we’ll get you matched with the perfect project for your investment needs.    

Are you a visiting Nurse? Or traveling for business to the area?  Need a place to land while your house is having renovations?  All are welcome to rent our short and mid-term rentals.

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We value your feedback.

I invested in 555 Equity LLC in Spring of 2021 and was paid back in a couple months, earlier than agreed, and IN FULL! I plan to invest again in the near future.
by Valerie K
We have a great experience working with 555 Equity LLC, and Mr. Victor Johnson. Highly recommended!
by Veton Roofing and Construction
Just want to elaborate on how great my experience has been with this company anytime I have a request or issues it's resolved that day or within 24 hrs nowhere have I ever received this great service and I recommend this company to anyone who wants to have same great experience my family an myself have had I'm truly grateful for this company.
by Julian J.

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