Short- to Mid-Term Rental

Short- to Mid-Term Rental

Sometimes temporary relocations come with the territory of certain jobs. That’s why 555 Equity, LLC offers short- to mid-term rental property for your housing needs. Our Carrollton rental property is perfect if you:

  1. Need to be local to the DFW and Carrollton area
  2. You are a traveling professional like in IT, healthcare, or insurance
  3. Need to house executives for long business meetings like mergers and acquisitions.

DFW and Carrollton

Carrollton’s newest corporate retreat offers professionals easy access to DFW. 555 Equity, LLC’s Carrollton property gives easy access to major highways that can place you anywhere in the metroplex in only a few minutes. Best of all, this Carrollton retreat has you close enough to do business but nestled in a relaxing suburb. Making the most of your work and off-hours is easy in this property.

Traveling Professionals

Traveling professionals often need more than a hotel can offer. IT pros, healthcare workers, and insurance adjusters often need to stay close to the action for an extended period. Companies know that keeping their professionals in peak performance means giving them the accommodations they need to thrive. Our Carrollton rental is the perfect home base for the most challenging remote assignments.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Putting your executives in a luxury hotel seems appealing, but nothing beats the sanctity and security of a home. Keep high-level negotiators on the ball with the right short-term rental so they can get things done. Acquisitions and mergers are complicated and time-consuming. Be sure your team has the retreat they need to confer and plan away from the negotiating table.

When looking for a short- to mid-term rental, look no farther than 555 Equity, LLC’s newest Carrollton property. Find all the comforts of home that let your team concentrate on their work and get the job done.

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