Landlord Retirement Options

Landlord Retirement Options

When you see less road ahead than behind, it's time to start thinking about landlord retirement options so you can be free to enjoy every aspect of your life. For example, maybe you're 55 or older, want to spend time with the grandkids, or want to see the world? Here are three options for leaving rental properties behind profitably. Transfer your property as a charitable donationFind a company to...

Inherited an Unwanted Property

Have You Inherited an Unwanted Property?

If you have inherited an unwanted property, you have options regarding what to do with it. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor and a landlord's lifestyle of endless repairs, or you can sell to an as-is cash buyer like us, 555 Equity, LLC. Hassle-free selling is our specialty.

Selling to Us is Super Easy

Selling to Us is Super Easy

Selling to us is super easy. So leave the headaches of costly repairs, bad tenants, and finding new renters behind you. Our experts at 555 Equity LLC can rescue you from the landlord lifestyle with an as-is cash offer today!

Best Property Solution

555 Equity, LLC is Your Best Property Solution

Homeownership is still the American Dream, but changing life circumstances can sometimes get in the way. If you find yourself burdened with unwanted property or are a landlord that's ready to cash out, 555 Equity, LLC is your best property solution. Whether you don't want the hassle of repairs or you need to address a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or need to sell fast, 555 Equity, LLC can...

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