What it Takes to Succeed

What it Takes to Succeed

When was the last time you changed an unexpected setback into new prosperity? Victor Vonico Johnson of 555 Equity LLC shares what it takes to succeed in an article from Canvas Rebel. Highlights are shared below.

Setbacks as Opportunities

Sometimes losing a steady paycheck can open your mind to new opportunities. Victor relates in the article, “In 2012, I lived in Atlanta with my wife and teenage kids. I had a position as an Operations Manager for a Call Center. It was brought to my attention that the company would be closing within one year and we all needed to prepare to find another company to work for… So I started contacting our competitors to explain that we were shutting down and looking to sell off our remaining inventory of loans at a steep discount.” Victor’s conversations let him relate his success managing loans and selecting personnel. As a result, he made a positive impression, soon bound for a new job in Austin with his family.

Understanding Risk

Texas-sized growth soon followed. “I discussed with the family and wife, and after much debate and consideration, I decided to accept the position with the new company in a new city and state. This was a HUGE RISK because we had most of our family in Atlanta, 2 of our daughters were still in high school, and we didn’t know how this would all work out. However, it proved to be a magnificent decision that led to better income, better living situation, and getting into real estate investing and starting three businesses. I now look forward to risks as I know that, if analyzed properly, those risks can be very rewarding.”

A New Money Mindset

Victor’s trial by fire assessing new opportunities and risks led to a new money mindset. “One lesson I’ve had to unlearn is how to deal with money. Growing up, funds were limited, and I was taught to hold on to every dollar. I believe that mentality has caused me to be too frugal, especially when dealing with business vendors and investments. I’ve since learned that money must circulate for more of it to come to you. We are not wasteful people, but we do consider the VALUE of things instead of the COST of things. This allows us to see the overall benefit of spending money instead of just holding on to it tightly. The difference in mentality helps us support other business owners and allows others to want to support us.”

Recognizing what it takes to succeed through the veil of risk can be challenging in an inflationary economy. But Victor’s story teaches that the financial and philosophical rewards can pay personal dividends in any environment. So let his experts at 555 Equity LLC show you the opportunity to sell your rental property as-is so you can live the lifestyle you deserve.

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