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Short- to Mid-Term Rental

Short- to Mid-Term Rental

Sometimes temporary relocations come with the territory of certain jobs. That's why 555 Equity, LLC offers short- to mid-term rental property for your housing needs. Our Carrollton rental property is perfect if you: Need to be local to the DFW and Carrollton areaYou are a traveling professional like in IT, healthcare, or insuranceNeed to house executives for long business meetings like mergers and...

Are You A Tired Landlord

Are You A Tired Landlord?

Are you a tired landlord? A diagnosis is half the cure, and knowing you are a tired landlord is the first step to liberation. Do you suffer any of the following? Are you tired of managing tenants, making costly repairs, and paying high property taxes?Does your property offer very little cash flow, or is it upside down with little equity?Have you inherited a rental property but know nothing about...

Best Property Solution

555 Equity, LLC is Your Best Property Solution

Homeownership is still the American Dream, but changing life circumstances can sometimes get in the way. If you find yourself burdened with unwanted property or are a landlord that's ready to cash out, 555 Equity, LLC is your best property solution. Whether you don't want the hassle of repairs or you need to address a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or need to sell fast, 555 Equity, LLC can...

How Does Foreclosure In Texas Work?

If you find yourself facing foreclosure (or even threatened by the prospect of it), it's absolutely critical to understand how the foreclosure process works in . Understanding the Foreclosure Process in What is foreclosure anyway? Legally, foreclosure is the official process by which a mortgage lender attempts to take back real estate property (a home) securing a loan (a mortgage) - usually...

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