Sell Locally

Sell Locally

When you sell locally to 555 Equity LLC, you accomplish more than getting rid of your unwanted property. By selling to us you;

  • Support Small Business
  • Build communities
  • Share the dream of homeownership

Support Small Business

The owners of 555 Equity LLC are a local husband and wife team, named Victor & Latasha Johnson. They live, work, and serve in their community, and are always seeking ways to support other local small business owners. If you are a landlord, you too, are a small business owner. 555 Equity LLC is in position to help you quickly sell your distressed property for a fair price, ‘as-is’, and you both will be supporting each other as small business owners. 

Build Communities

We love Carrollton because we live here too, but every community in DFW can benefit from our real estate strategy. When owners sell a property to a national brand, they often don’t know what will become of it. It will often go to an investor group that’s not in Texas. But not with us. 555 Equity LLC is committed to buying your property as-is for cash and making it a livable home to enjoy, which helps make Carrollton a thriving community.

Share the Dream of Homeownership

Everyone loves a bargain, but we’ve seen the consequences of investors overtaking the real estate market. Our model of buying properties, rehabbing them, then selling them locally helps everyone share the dream of homeownership. We’d rather build a community than a real estate portfolio.

You can make your city a better place when you sell locally to us. Be a part of building better communities and get an as-is cash offer from us for your unwanted property. 555 Equity, LLC builds communities. 

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