As-Is Cash Offer

As-Is Cash Offer

Do you own a rental property you have hesitated selling for the following reasons?

  • You think your property is too much of a fixer-upper.
  • You believe your home would never pass a buyer’s inspection.
  • No bank would lend to a buyer based on the condition of your property.


Even if all these examples apply to your property, we can make an as-is cash offer for your property. 555 Equity, LLC is different from your average real estate buyer. We can let you skip the most common hassles of selling your property. Let our experts show you how. We love projects. If you believe your rental property is too much of a fixer-upper, give us a call.

Never Pass Inspection

Some internet or “iBuyers” from national companies offer big promises of cash buyouts. But often, after an “inspection,” buyers find their initial offers substantially reduced. In some cases, online buyers have backed out moments before closing. That won’t happen with us. Once we make a cash offer, it doesn’t change. So you can take our offers to the bank.

Third-Party Lender Refusals

Traditionally it’s not the buyer who makes the purchase but a large lender. They’re large for a reason. Minimizing risk means carefully examining any potential loan collateral, which is usually the mortgaged property. When you’re selling traditionally, expect a level of examination you haven’t felt since your last doctor’s appointment. We’re here to build communities, not a real estate portfolio for investors.

Consider an as-is cash offer and skip the worry over repairs if you have a “fixer-upper,” and trust our experts to see the potential. Talk to us about your property, and we can make an as-is cash offer that you won’t get from traditional buyers. Contact us today, and we can show you how.

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