Symptoms of Poor Property Management

Symptoms of Poor Property Management

When you own rental property remotely, hiring a local, reputable property management company is smart. But what do you do when symptoms of poor property management show up like these?

  • Late rent collections and delayed payments
  • City code violations
  • Unwanted calls from tenants

Late Rent Collections and Payments

If you are uncomfortable setting up automatic rent payment collections, you may be tempted to use an in-person service. Some tenants still mail in their payments or hand them off to a rent collector. But when your money is late, you have to ask if it’s the tenant or the property manager. The farther you live from your rental property, the larger this problem becomes.

City Code Violations

If you own a single-family rental in a quiet suburban neighborhood, you can be certain the neighbors are watching. Competent property management services ensure exterior maintenance like lawns, paint, and fences are in good condition. But city code violations can add up quickly if they start showing up. Worse, if the City has to fix it, you’re in for a large bill. In addition, repeat violations can label your rental a nuisance property that brings extra scrutiny, depending on your location.

Unwanted Calls from Tenants

You hired a property management company to enjoy the financial benefits of being a landlord. But if tenants start calling with problems your management company should fix, you’re back in the role of maintenance staff. If this is the last straw, it’s time to call a local company that can make an as-is cash offer for your property, like us at 555 Equity, LLC. One call can make all your landlord headaches disappear.

Don’t get in over your head when you start seeing symptoms of poor property management. Instead, contact us at 555 Equity, LLC for an as-is cash offer on your rental property. We can close quickly with a local, reputable title company, and you can leave your landlord hassles behind.

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