Need to Sell Your Fixer-Upper Fast?

Need to Sell Your Fixer-Upper Fast

Needing a few repairs doesn’t mean you can’t sell. Here are three things you can do when you need to sell your fixer-upper fast.

  1. Consider seller-financing the property
  2. Consider accepting a Master Lease Agreement
  3. Contact a local cash buyer like 555 Equity LLC

Consider Seller-Financing the Property

What if there was a way to sell your home, receive enough for a down payment on your next home, and receive a monthly income from your old property? If you own your property free and clear, you can find a buyer like 555 Equity LLC willing to put down 15% – 20% that you could use towards your next home. Additionally, you would receive a monthly payment with interest for the remainder of the selling price for a negotiated term. So whether you buy or rent your next home, you start with a hefty downpayment, a monthly income, and no need to make repairs.

Consider Accepting a Master Lease Agreement

Like Seller-Financing, a Master Lease Agreement gives you a hefty down payment and monthly income without naming a specific buyer. Here, the agreement names a Master Tenant who can sublease your property to renters so long as the Master Tenant maintains the terms of your Master Lease Agreement, like making the monthly payments. You still enjoy the benefits of a down payment and monthly income and skip making any repairs.

Contact a local cash buyer like 555 Equity LLC

Sometimes there is no better move than leaving it all behind. If your home needs repairs and you own it free and clear, consider selling to a local cash buyer like 555 Equity LLC. They can make an as-is cash offer that skips over the common hassles of dealing with an agent. If you are ready to sell and want to skip the hassles of a traditional real estate transaction, call 555 Equity LLC for your cash offer today!

555 Equity, LLC wants you to know you have options when you want to sell your fixer-upper property, even if you don’t sell to them. Education is a major component of the 555 Equity LLC philosophy and reflects in everything they do.

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